EXPRESSIONLESS short Film by Kupa Wagner starring Anna Sergienko

I have done another interesting project with students of the Film and Television School, Wellington New Zealand. I had a part of a woman who breaks into a peaceful ordinary life of an office worker in a simple emotion- and expressionless world controlled by Tree Fathers. The film had a breaking scene, when the main character sees the truth, saves his beloved from the incinerator and runs away. It was a quite challenging part for me, as I had an emotional scene, where I fall in love and understand a beauty of emotions and feelings. It also was an interesting one, because in a day-dreaming sequence I turned from a flat office worker into a vamp lady from a dream.
See photos and enjoy!

My first experience on a set of a love scene ;-)

Great to have friends around )
A love scene with a bunch of emotions: inner conflict of a 'robot' and a woman

Actress Anna Sergiienko 

Актриса Анна Сергиенко

Actress Anna Sergiienko 

Anna Sergiienko ( Sergienko )

23 CREW Wellington Film School NZ

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