Backstage Anna Sergiienko for NZ Fashion Tech Diploma Runway Show @ St James Theatre, Wellington



Kevin Smith, The Managing Director of NZ Fashion Tech, was the first to welcome guests and present students work with his speech in the beginning of the show.

The full list of performers:
We had fabulous models parading the catwalk.
Anna Sergiienko
Charlene Mundy
Katie Powell
Tatanya Graham
Sofia Djknavorian
Jordyne Lyons
Helen Ker
Renee De Ruyter.
Monique Peakman
Lavinia Mafi
Wai Mihinui
Shelley-Ann Pieterse
Olivia Poppe
Josephine Thomas
Lara Vagenius
Natalia Vaganova
Natalie Roper
Ornthira Khamna
Aimee Stephens
Paula O’ Connor.

Designers were NZ Fashion Techs final year Diploma students:

Ariane Bourneville ‘Amphitrite’.

Nicole Griffin ‘Submerged’.

Jessica O’Connor ‘Sweeter than heaven’.

Hillary Reekers ‘The legend of the deathly hallows’.

Aimie Berrington ‘Hunted hearts’.

Emma Poole ‘Underland’.

Emily Menzies ‘Cobalt’.

Victoria Scott ‘Guilty Pleasures’.

Sara Reid ‘Before Midnight’.

The show was opened by Jessica O’Connors Kleenex Cottonelle dress worn by Anna Sergiienko , followed by the rest of the Kleenex Cottonelle dresses. These dresses were from a competition earlier in the year by Kleenex cottonelle to create a cocktail dress out of toilet paper. Jessica O’Connor had received runner up and Emily Menzies dress worn by Sofia Djknavorian won the competition.

9 students are set to graduate from the diploma course, they have one more week left of study!

Special thank you to the fabulous girl Friday Morgan Toki!

Anna Sergiienko ( model ) and Kelly Manu (make up artist) 

This year the NZ Fashion Tech Diploma Runway Show was held in St James Theatre in Wellington on Wednesday night November 9th, 2011.
The model list was created by Tutor of the Fashion Tech Verena Tilson-Scoble. I personally met her for the sizes and fitting a week before the show. She is one of those great creative and well organized people in fashion industry in NZ.

Not all of the girls were professional models. Some of them had their first experience on stage. I helped them with a walk practice and piece of advice before the performance. But I believe everyone looked great and had an amazing experience working with newly graduated designers of Fashion Tech. We all had much fun! Now I can't wait to get a cop of the DVD filmed by two cameras and all the photos taken while the show. Special Thank you to two photographers: Xavier Collin (SnapStar) and David Von Garratt (Von Photography)!

The make up artist and one of the tutors of WelTech Olivia Wild was supervising makeup artists who recently graduated a fashion Course at Weltech while they were applying make up and styling hair for the models on the runway. Caroline Hope Adams from Weltech helped with final make up touch ups - ''Razzle Dazzle'' eyebrows and pinky cheeks. The make up was in Gothic Barbie style. We all loved this style of make up, and many girls kept it after the show to have a great night out in Establishment bar!

Being an internationally recognized model I was the luckiest to be the Grand opening model of the runway in a dress by 
Jessica O'Connor for Kleenex Cottonelle Couture Collection. The designer is a First Runner Up for the Kleenex Cottonelle contest. Dress felt amazingly light and breakable. Imagine, designers used rolls of toilet papers to create those dresses!
To enter this competition the students were to design and make a garment to a brief supplied by Kleenex with the overarching criteria being that the garments were imbued with a sense of softness and glamour. This was a competition that was held through both NZ Fashion Tech’s Wellington and Auckland Diploma in Fashion Technology students. One of the major winners was Emily Menzies, a 17 year student from Porirua.
There were 9 dresses from the contest presented on the Diploma runway show.

The second dress I wore was made by Sara Reid. She produced a collection called 'Before Midnight'. I fell in love with that dress! and it was the first dress to be sold from the runway. It later traveled to my wardrobe! The collections that were shown on the runway included very wearable peices and a pure artistic creations like little red riding hood in long purple evening gown, the moose and rabbit inspired outfits, fairies, others.

The model list included Olivia Poppe, Sofia Djknavorian, Lara Vagenius, Renee de Ruyter, Charlene Mundy, Tatanya Graham, Paula O'Connor, Shelley Pieterse, Emily Menzies, Emma Poole and others

From the words of organizer Verena Tilson-Scoble, the show was attended by well over two hundred people which was made up of students and their families as well as industry from around the Wellington region. I myself saw bridal designer Shika in the first raw. We just recently worked on the show of her wedding dresses on Wellington Wedding show in TSB Arena. Harbourside City Rotary Club dignitaries also attended as Rotary supports NZ Fashion Tech with a generous student scholarship every year. The student work was extremely well received by all and comments were made by industry guests that the garments were well executed, not only design wise but also in cut and finish. One industry member was heard to say that this looked more like a professional show than a student collection.

Special thanks to tutors Sarah Young, Doula Chrysostomou and all the people who helped this great event happen.

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