Wellington Actors Studio GRADUATION!

Hi All!

My fellow students and I have just graduated from The 6 Months Meisener Technique Acting Class with the great tutor Barbara Woods.

Level 1, 39 Dixon Street, Wellington

  It Takes Three Things
To Become A Good Actor…Good Technique , Accurate Self Knowledge, Courage.
The first we can pass on, the second we can be of guidance but the last is totally up to you. Acting is an ability, and an ability is a skill, and the cool thing about a skill is it’s learnable. With the nuts & bolts tools of this technique and a little elbow juice on your part your talent can be revealed. Sanford Meisner's Acting Technique, taught at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York, promotes individuality and confidence while giving students practical and effective tools to build character and performance. The upcoming Meisner Acting Beginners Programme focuses on the improvisational and instinctive exercises from the technique in the search for emotional truth and realistic behavior. It is not only popular with those wanting to pursue acting seriously but also people interested in exploring their creativity and 
genuine, unpretentious and pragmatic self-development.

I have learned quite a lot - this was my first Big Step in Building an acting career over here in New Zealand. There are couple shots from the last class.

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