48 hours New Zealand Review 2011

"V 48 hour film "Edge of the circle" from the Unique Suspects productions 2011 comes this unique comedy full of revenge and laughs. Even though this film was disqulified from the V 48 Hour film contest (for being 8 minutes late), in its unique way, it was a sure crowd pleaser. Full of laughs and satire , this film will have you laughing till you can't laugh any more."      
Shayne Bashford Director
        Dear Friends - enjoy the laughs to be had viewing our extra-ordinary crew effort for the v48 hour Film Compedition. The genre of the film is not given until the compedition start, also a certain line that must be incorp. in script and a prop - this year it was a piece of wire!! WE all brainstormed until 11pm that first nite then brilliant scriptwriter wrote all night...I raced around sorting out costumes, dressing rooms... we started shooting early next day...
         Basha Meier Art Director


  • Director: Shane Bashford,
  • Producer: Danielle Saunders
  • Writer: Mary Anne Bourke
  • Actors: Rodney Bane, Ryan Forster, Maria Becerro, Chantelle Brader, Anna Sergiienko, Rachelle Fons, Mary Anne Bourke, Danielle Saunders
  • Editor: Shane Bashford, James Manu
  • Sound / Music: Matthew Cornwall, David Ironside
  • Cinematography: Barry Carter
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