48 hours FILM FESTIVAL New Zealand. May 2011

I have recently moved to New Zealand Wellington in Mid-April 2011.
The first step in my acting career was made in Wellington Actors studio with Barbara Woods, who gave me a list of people to contact in case I wanted to start auditioning for parts in movies, TV Shows, Getting an agent, etc.
First person on my way was Danielle Saunders - the producer in THE UNIQUE SUSPECTS PRODUCTION. The audition went smoothly - thanks to Shane Bashford, (later the director) I felt comfortable and had some fun! I was very worried, as far as my Russian-mix-American English accent doesn't do much, you know. Anyway, after I got my part I found out what it was for.
The team was shooting a short film(7min) for 48HOURS festival.


I have also met talented actors and people in film industry: Chantelle Brader, Maria Becerro Casero, Rachelle Fons, John Conly,Mary Anna Bourke.

Now checking things to do:

Become a friend of set in New Zealand - DONE!

Pictures are coming soon!

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