WHO IS SHE, Anna Sergiienko?

Many people just read everything I write and even do not know who I am!!!
Let me open the curtains! Hello!
 I am Ukarinian. I am 22. Back in my country (I live in Japan now), I have a beautiful cat who is 21 years old. I miss him. My mother is a very nice lady and my grandma has been an example for me through all my life. Nice to meet you. I am Anna.

Anna Sergiienko was born in Alexandria, Ukraine and raised on her grandmother's love and help. Anna enjoys a career rich in experience and wide in range as an international model, TV, stage and screen actress, dancer, photographer and humanitarian activist (English conversation classes). Sergiienko is known for her performance as Reporter on “Cool JAPAN” Tv Show on NHK as well as notable lead role on TVCM for Morinaga company in 2008 “Hot choko” with TV-Marco chan, films “Another girl wedding”(Russia) and “Kimi ga odory natsu”(Japan). She also played extra parts in a Japanese and Ukrainian TV series and took on a co-starring role in many music videos and promotion clips for famous artists and companies, such as Panasonic, Nikkon, Sony, Fuji Film, etc. She is a main model for Hair make salons ASH all over Japan. She has been working with the ASH CREATIVE TEAM for photoshooting and shows.
Anna currently resides in Tokyo. In addition to her modeling and acting, Sergiienko enjoys dancing (hip-hop and classic ballet), cooking, writing her short funny stories about the little crazy girl, the prototype to which is she herself, and lending a humanitarian hand to a number of her favorite non-profit organizations. She also loves to attend the photoclubs and taking pictures in her own extraordinary way. She helds English lessons and dreams about big and friendly family with many kids.
Interviewer: Tell me about your start and what initially interested you in the arts?

Anna : I was born in the countryside in Ukraine, really in the middle of nowhere. There weren’t many resources available, especially in terms of becoming an actress, but I had a huge passion to become an actress or a model. Since I was 4, I started to do the ballet classes and folk dance in school studio. I really enjoyed  being on the stage, that is why I felt free and confident. I did many leading parts in many performances. Being 7 my grandmother started to practice piano with me. I really didn't go far in this skill but it gave me a sence of beauty and rythm. When I was fourteen years old, I convinced my mother to take me to a local modeling school. After being there for a while, I booked my first modeling job in Kiev which was quite far away from where we lived. From there, it just started. After finishing school I relocated to Kiev for my university and there, I got my first big booking with a company in Russia, St. Petersburg. Being 19 I found myself in Tokyo and ended up staying in Asia for three years. I basically tend to move to the states, first starting out in NY and then eventually ending up in LA.
I: Can you tell us about your first feature film experience?

AS: My first feature film experience was a very small production that I did in Ukraine. When the film was finally released, my scenes were edited out; this was quite disappointing because I was so excited to see the film and so excited to be apart of the project and when it was released I realized that I wasn’t in it. But then later on I ended up doing some hand doubling for bigger stars and these smaller ventures eventually led to the world of bigger projects.
I: Tell us about your acting experiences overseas?

AS: The most recent film I did is a Japanese movie, the film will see the world next year(2010). Then I did several music videos. It was a great experience; especially working with the Japanese crew because everyone was so professional and polite. The Japanese crew members made the experience very quiet as opposed to here in Russia or Ukraine where film production is a very loud experience.

 I always thought that I preferred to work with TV productions’s who gave me more freedom, but after working on a Tv Show Cool Japan in Japan with directors who were very linear in their approaches, I realized that I might prefer a director who is giving constant direction. I believe that there are benefits to both of these styles of direction. Therefore I guess working with a director who has a good balance in giving the actors freedom and when necessary constant direction is ideal.

I love the way people treat you in Japan; you feel that You are IN, in the meaning. I do not have a strong position on the market yet, but I hope that the world will hear about me very soon. I was born to do it. It is my lifestyle and something that bring real happiness to my life.One day you will hear about an Oscar-winning phenomenon. I have a bet with a friend of mine and I am not going to lose it!!!!

                      It is hard, but FUN!!!!!!

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