Have you ever seen people that look extreeeeemly same?????

 Now I will give you a chance to. While modeling I realized how different I can look on the pictures and in everyday life. But listen, it is not a joke, these ladies on the photos look like I do in my real life!!! They have same hair cut and color, same face and body features, same smiles, same eyes!!!!!!!!  Wow! Even Same TEETH!My mother will never distinguish us!!!!

Have a look!
A girl without shoes! I do not know her name. But when the time the photo was taken in Ukraine, I was in Tokyo!

The girl on the left.

  The second picture is a 'family portrait'. The girl is 13th from left.

Here one can see photos of the other girl with a beautiful name Jenya.
Welcome Evgeniya!!! She is a model from a fasiontime comunity! She is beautiful and 19. But yes, she has the same nose I do!!! And a same smile. Amazing. I just wonder if my parents told me truth about the quantity of my brothers and sisters )))))

AND ME BEING 18, I believe...

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