Riverdance. Just like in heaven !!!

Hello everyone!!
This is me again. today i am going to tell you about very artistic urban dance style. Have you ever seen ghosts? No? Now imagine that the ghost flys without touching the floor. Amazing? There is a way for alife people to move like that !!!

Anna Sergiienko by Igor Shpiegelman
St.Petersburg, 2006

 Riverdance is a dance performance with Celtic theme. The Celtic dance is a kind of tap dance, in which dancers don't move their upper bodies and just their legs make precise and fast moves.
It looks a little bit same to what ballerinas do, but when balerinas move, you can see their legs stepping fast.The riverdancers move very smooth.  At the climax of their performance, many dancers line dance in perfect sync.
I tried to do that. Come on!

If you think you can do it or weather you think you can't - You are right in both cases. It depends on what is in your head! i believed that I could move like that. I took a class.  I was especially impressed by the teacher, she looked like skating in the middle air!!!

I do not think that I am perfect in this way of dancing, but I think that practicing again will give nice crops!!!))))))))))

LUV  U..

Sincerely Yours,
Anna Sergiienko

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