Music video Tokyo funk band Superfunktion

“Funk that makes ya Booty shake !!!”

Introdused by Jesse from  Metropolis
The band Superfunktion was shooting their first official music video on Sunday, November 15th in F BAR TOKYO. Fashion TV was there covering the video shoot. So, I was one of the young hopefuls, who have got a couple good chances to get some useful screen time and expand my reel/portfolio. COOL!

After checking the web site of the band I decided to take an extra part in the video. The shooting was much FUN!!! I met Todd and Marcel and they’re both cool and kind guys, so I would say I was really lucky! It was bloody good time! I met so many nice people there: American and Russian models, Japanese dancers Asuka and Kaori, stylists, directors and production coordinators. Someone would say that it happens every time while music video filming but I thought that it was really special.(Very pprofessional and Much Much FUN!) The enthusiasm and cooperation were main ideas to work with. I have got a “priceless experience making a professional music video with an energetic and funky band!”

Anna from Russia )

Me and American Model girl 'waitress in the video'

70TH!!!!! Amazing !

The information for F-Bar can be found here: It looks like a pretty swank place.

…”The style of the video is what we’re calling “Modern/Retro” which is a combination of late 70’s and early 80’s style mixed with modern aspects like in this case, mobile phones for the “Booty Calls”.”

Check the photos!!!! Sorry my sell phone's camera is weird!!!)))


  1. Thats really cool :D
    Do u like this kind of work or do you prefer modeling?

  2. I love working on interesting projects. I do photo and video with great pleasure. Being a creative person I even not always get well paid, but I enjoy every job. It IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! You have to try it, feel it and produce it to understand me.

    Every job for me is a small adventure in experiencing something new and always amazing, meet new people, express yourself and study something cool about the personality of yours.

    I also try to vary my jobs to keep moving forward, but it does not always depend on my wish.

    One thing I know for sure, whatever I do now is a big rehearsal and preparation for a big movie career and serious acting.


    C U SuN ))))

  3. Thats really cool :) I like your positive attitude, btw ;)
    and your outfit is AMAZING!

  4. Looking fab there Anna !!! missed our best show to date last friday !!!!!!!!!! The audience went fuckin`crazyyyyy !!!! We loved it of Lotsa love, Marcel.

  5. I will be there on January 31st, right? DO YOUR BEST GUYS!!!