HIP HOP Dance workshop - REVOLUTION in the dance world for me

You may have heard about chaos theory. Scientists are very exited about it. But what exactly is it? Imagine a butterfly in Beijing stirring its winds, and this results in a hurricane in Costa Rica. Why? Because small changes in initial conditions can have extraordinary effects. See NY street afternoon: the hip-hop music, friendly atmosphere and young talented boy wearing jeans and moving…
Come on, the time passed and the hurricane came to Tokyo!!! He is on the ball.

また、カオス理論については聞いたことがある場合があります。科学者たちは、非常にそれについて終了しています。しかし、正確には何ですか? 、コスタリカでのハリケーンで、この結果、北京で、蝶の風を攪拌想像してくださいなぜ?のための初期条件の小さな変化を特別な効果を持つことができます。 NYのストリートの午後参照してください:ヒップホップ音楽、フレンドリーな雰囲気と若い才能のある少年のジーンズや移動を着て...

さあ、時間と渡されたハリケーン東京に来た! 彼はボールをしています。 http://www.youtube.com/user/NY01VIRG#p/a/f/2/VLLN_QRURJ4

He does Really good. He dances like a God.

People love his dancing.

Now, before you go thinking I am completely done, ( 0 ) recall that when Einstein introduced his revolutionary concept of relativity, his colleagues didn’t all catch it.
Try to think that Hip hop gives you freedom to express all your emotions via dance without unnecessary talking. Cool, yea?

God does not play at dice’.


…In other words, the universe did not develop by chance. However, if you will allow me to put this idea on a back burner, I would say that God does play dice, but the dice are unevenly weighted. In other words, there is some order in the chaos of the universe.

 Look, why is it that when you see trees against a stormy sky as beautiful, while the sight of a random group of apartment buildings against any sky leaves a bad taste in your mouth?
Our feeling of beauty is inspired by the harmonious order and the stormy sky represents chaos. Well, at least I know that you are interested in reading my stuff. I just tried to compare the Ballet dance and Hip-hop here and I hope that you have got the idea, didn’t you? I think that the whole world is a combination of items and styles, emotions and time. The perfectly correct ballet exercise makes you believe that it is the ideal dance you are in love with. Than you see the funky hip hop step and you still love it, even though it is not done perfectly. This is the point for the step, its amplitude varies every time you do it and your body is relaxed. It looks so cool,man!
Let me be the first to admit that not everyone agrees with me. In fact, art critics have always maintained that order is necessary for beauty, and what I am suggesting is just the opposite!






I now realize I am so lucky!
I once opened the Metropolis Magazine which changed my lifestyle!Expressing myself through dance...
I saw an advertisement about the Dance workshop with a professional hip-hop instructor from USA.
Cool  I thought, because it is SO difficult to follow the classes in Japanese. I do ballet you know, but I tried to find the set-up program for foreign peple and I finally did.
See on http://archive.metropolis.co.jp/thedanceworkshop/

It is absolutely concervtive VIRGative wave!
 Run for it! Catch it!
The video was made after 2 month dance practicing!!!!

Finally, the choreographer offered me the opportunity for a CREW WORK (best dancers combination), which made a huge difference. With just about two months to go to opening night, I feel comfortable with this type choreography, and able to relax into my own personal style.

In the project I am involved in,(DEF CRU) I was spoon-fed the choreography. Ballet requires different preparation style- formal and strict. Do not think that we play monkey and go nuts in the hip-hop studio, but the hard work over the dance combined with joy and fun is wonderful. The dancing is to be taught in small sections over the course of a month or more, going back over each section to make sure it was solid before embarking on the next. On the other hand, our big dance show is taught to us in its entirety in the space of an hour and a half per week. No doubt this is how the pros do it, but I’d love to do it more. I do the different class as well for the amateurs like me in hip-hop every Thursday in Azabu-djuban.
Check it out!!! Come and have fun!
I just wanna tell you everything about the amazing world of dance! Feel it! it is fun!

P.S. Now the small ballerina statue on my table reminded me about the first ballet show in Japan last september 2009. I have the same hard-time now.

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