Find the answer!

How to proect yourself into the circumstanses?

Do I ask? Yes, I do. Why - because I do not know the secret. Simple. If you do not know something – ask. I have met so many people and all of them are the small parts of what I call the Structure of my Universe.
Look. I do not know what to do in this or the other situation, I ask my friends or family members. My mom is best to give advices. BUT! If it is dangerous to get advices, it is harder to give them, more responsibilities. Live gives us answers. Let us just listen to them.
One day you are thinking about your vacation. You doubt yourself weather it is good to take your time to rest in spring or in autumn. You ask your friends who spent a horrible time in the seaside in autumn. It was raining and they did not enjoy it at all. The other friend of yours advises you to take your vacation in autumn only. He is a poet by the way. He loves to watch the different leaf colors and to have fun harvesting in the country. You think, think, think...
The debates can take the whole life without vacation!!! So you are tired the other day and you reject to walk, so you decide to take a bus. There is an old lady in the bus, talking about her son. He loves seaside and sports. He is really good at parasailing and diving. He spends his vacation in summer. His family is so happy. And so on and so forth… BUT! It could be your answer! Summer vacation!

I have met so many interesting and cool people who gave me a priceless experience of how to listen. It is always nice to stop one day in the middle of the square and to look around, to hear the voices, smells, tastes. Something is happening around you all the time. You just have to notice it. It gives answers to the most difficult questions.

There was a Teenager in Wien. He was from Greece.We had coffee and a nice talk. He told me stories about Mozart and love, his X-girlfriend and drugs. He showed me the StefanPlatz and a nice friendly restaurant with awesome foods.
 The KonzertPlatz opened the door to the listeners from all over the world. We drank shampgne and cried. The beauty of the music softened the hears and we all were friends there.

In Check I met the other guy. I really was hapy to be invited to the National Museum by the guy I just met! He was nice. He explained me that Praha is a city of hope. It was a long walk through the Karl bridge and a beautiful story about The Praha spring, Russians, Second World War and peaceful life novadays, working on TV and drinking beer. I will never forget eating corn on the central square and drinking something above 40'. )))

There is one Beautiful person I met in Tokyo. He is French. He is so Alife! No, I mean that he has so much life in his eyes! It is not what you think. He is not my type, he is my friend!!! I love the way we spent time together. He inspires me to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!! He told me that the people are too conformed and too strickt in their rools and manners. I mean that following the manners and etiquette is beautiful, but one doesn't have to spoil his life because of it! Come on!We all are free people and every single person is unique. It is a kind of being crazy - BEING UNIQUE.
We had nice shopping together and went to cheap Izakaya. But the way we were happy doesn't depend on money! It is one's mood, not place. It is the person you share dinner with, not the food. )

I was 19 when I met him. He is form Canada and he is Great! He took the best photoshots of me ever. He has a lovely kind voice and he taught me very important thing. 'I am not better, I am not worse. I am different.'
There were many more beautiful and open minded people in my life. I can not remember all the stuff we talked about. But sometimes I need a piece of advice and I try to rimind what it was..... ...and when I finally get my answer, I think 'that what he said!'

Have fun!!!

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