September 2009 OKINAWA


I have been there several times in my dreams since september 2009. I miss it, I do. And you know what? I had not been driving for 2 years before we rented a car in Naha and I was a driver!!!! It was my first time in Japan, on such narrow streets and a right wheel and automatic car. I was used to mechanic in Ukraine! It was a wonderful feeling of freedom- a new emotion!

Imagine the sand - hot and yellow, ocean - blue and soft... Ocean of emotions. Love, rest, happiness, fun, joy, trust, submission... That is summer. All the time. it is a breeze and breathing...    It is amazing! Feels good. VACATION! ! !

 The Okinawa churaumi Aquarium is a MUST SEE while traveling to Okinawa!!!
See it! Experience it! Enjoy it!!!

We stayed in The Terrace Hotel,  a beautiful cottage with a private pool.
I found the hotel gorgeous! The territory is huge!
They have anything one wants - exotic and common food in numerous restaurants, lounges & bars, all the beach activities, good location, Very cool SPA-relaxation(!!!),

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