Glitter-ball by Metropolis )))
It was an amazing event in Tokyo this wednesday. Yea, I know that I do not look like a clubber, but well, I could not let it pass by )) It was a Metropolis event in Alife, Nishiazabu, tokyo. 
'Though I can’t say i’ve seen so many drunken white guys wearing costumes they really should’ve thought twice about before leaving home.' A special goal of visiting a party basically for me was an opportunity to shout. People call it stress.I was really tired since september, working every single day, that the event was just in time. I wanted to  shout, jump, say bad words and this non-alcoholic cocktail of emotions should be drunk in the friendly atmosphere. If you got what I meant, I am happy. Try to do the same stuff one day, you will feel better, believe me!!!